Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Arizona Update

A year ago I was focused on completing my packing for our upcoming trip to Arizona.



I still attended class at the Boys and Girls Club, but had gotten rid of so much of my belongings, that would not make the trip. Gone were most of my uniforms (I only saved one), Gone were most of my weapons (given away to my students for their use), Gone were most of my books (some given away, some to a library, the remainder not selected to go with me discarded). Gone were most of my video and many of my dvd’s. Gone most of my files (except for a selected few). 40 years of things I saved discarded.



I still trained on my own. That was the only true constant, my art would always be my art.



Then the move, 2,300 miles to a new home in the desert of Arizona. West of Surprise, West of Phoenix.


No more need of gi’s. When I thing about it, I haven’t missed wearing one. And I wore them constantly since 1974.


Of course I don’t need one here. No dojo to go to, just step outside on the plastic grass of my backyard and practice mornings, before the heat sets in.


So much of my time pulling my thoughts together to share with my students. Still looking at what is out there. Still learning and thinking.


Now here it is an interesting place to take my walks. Most of them are early morning when the temperature is more pleasant. Those walks remain a constant in my life.


I also have much time to keep after my hobby of writing fan fiction in the Destroyer Universe.


But more, much more of my time is goning over so many martial memories from my years in the arts. My actual studies, my research, my practice, though now much dimished.


Some of which I put on my blog for my students (and share it freely with all).  A larger portion is shared directly with my students, on other non-public matters via a long series of emails and more extensive .pdf files. Focused much on more hand on training and subsidiary topics which would mean little to any who had not trained with me.


After all this time, there still are many more topics to explore.


To Infinity and Beyond.



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Victor Smith said...

Books are a funny business.

Absolutely none of the instructors I worked with in any art ever told me to run out and buy a book in order to learn more.

But books are time-binding ways to see what was shared in the past.

At time offering greater insight, at times learning erroneous ideas from past books were just totally wrong ideas just being passed along into the future, and incorrect each and every time they were repeated. So we have it books can be positive or negative experiences.

Books when we first obtain them, we know their value and pay it. As we study them some increase in value and some decrease in value. Each serves their purpose when they are first used. But time shows us which have more value as time passes.

When I had to reduce my library, I worked out which books were of greatest value to me. I worked out which books my students could find use for. I had a huge collection of books I no longer had use for, their time had passed for me. Those possibly more valuable my son-in-law placed for sale on ebay for me. Almost none of them were sold. Collections like Hiagonna Morio’s books on Goju. So I simply told him to throw them away. I tried but had no one I wished to leave them for.

As to the rest, some given to a local library, and the rest to trash,

I have no tears, I had them, used them as I needed then simply discarded them.

The ones I kept, prices above rubies to me.

On the other hand there is no one I wish to bequeath them too. After my time just more things for the trash heap.

I ascribed the value, I own them. I will see to their disposal.

Their value to my work, incalculable.