Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Irimi - Usheiba Morihei


Budo the teaching of the Founder of Aikido

Usheiba Morihei


Irimi (page 32)


the principle of kokyu (*) timing to enter smoothly to his side;


-          be prepared to strike your opponent to the rear with your right hand.

-          In an instant, advance deeply to his rear with your left foot, keeping your right foot solidly based,

-          and simultaneously cut down with your left hand to his rear.

-           Step in with your right foot behind him without breaking your posture and down him with both hands.


-          When your right foot is forward the procedure is reversed, and you must answer to your opponents left.


(*) Kokyu: prana, the vital breathy of life, the universal current of vibrant energy.

Technically, kokyu refers to proper timing and a steady, unimpeded flow of power.

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