Friday, June 29, 2018

One instructor's most important lesson.

My son was one of my students.
 He first was at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club when he was 3 days old.
He often attended classes as I ran them when he was little.
At 7 he as old enough to become a member and then joined the program.
I had learned from my instructors that karate was not the only thing he did.
Little League for years. Youth Soccer for years, several years of dance, flute were among his othe activities as well as school.
This photo was taken one time when Charles Murray visited in 1996.
After he graduated high school he was promoted to shodan,   Which was about the standard time for youth  promotions.
As he went to college, he continued his studies when he came home.
He was qualified and in time reached Ni-Dan.
He was a very good student.
Then life intervened, and as he was trained to do, he made up his mind.
Karate was set aside as he made adult decisions about where he should spend his time.
I supported that, it was what he was being trained to do.



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