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Total Aikido The Master Course Shioda Gozo

Total Aikido

 The Master Course

Shioda Gozo


Shomen irmi-nage

Front Entering Throw



Entry throws are techniques whereby we  redirect uke’s power and take up a position to his side, and from there attack his hip joint so that he is brought backward and thrown down.   If you attack uke’s hips from in front of your own body, the technique is shomen irmi0nage (Front Entry), and if you attack from the side your body is shomen-irmi=-nage (Side Entry). Irmi-nage depends on your timing of at this very moment that uke-comes forward, and for this reason one of its forms is calledKokyo-nage (breath throw).


If you stumble forward, your instinctive human reaction is to try and raise your upper body, to save yourself from falling over. This is also one of the principles behind shomen irmi-nage.


Attack your partner from the side



Entry throws are based on the principle of attacking uke’s hips from the side. If we were to throw him directly in the rear, he would still have the freedom to move his feet behind him and so the technique would not be particularly effective. If, however, we throw him diagonally to the rear, although he could take one step away, after that it would then be simple to make him bend at the hips, Thus, if we attack the opponent from the side, he will not be able to resist.


Movement of the arm at the moment of throwing


1. As you approach from the side, slide your tegatanta (I assume one of your arms) along the base of the throat, causing the uke to bend backward. Make sure that your hand stays in front of your own body. By sliding the hand up as you make the forward movement with your body, you will develop much more power than if you were to use just your arm. On the other hand, if as you move forward you are late with the sliding movement of the arm, none of your power will be transferred to the arm and ukis power will be stronger than yours.

2.  As you move to the diagonal line behind your partner, cut down with your raised hand directly in front of you to throw him.  Make sure you don’t come to a position where you are pushing uke’s chin or throat. Using your elbow as a fulcrum, turn the front part of your arm so that the thumb is pointed downward, and at the same time extend your whole arm forward. By applying this control at the same time as you move forward, you will develop strong power.

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