Friday, July 13, 2018


Take a movement you practice every day. For me I began my training in Isshinryu learning Seisan kata . I have practiced it almost every day since then. At that time except for the briefest of explanations, we did not really study applications of the kata. I have practiced it innumerable times. Then after reaching ShoDan, I was too soon completely on my own.


My instructors lived far away from me. Friends I had made in many other systems shard a great deal with me, but their focus was always on their own system of study. Others is Isshinryu, with different backgrounds, were not near by and I really didn’t make links with them.


But is time I began to see something else.

Let me give an example.

Many days when I go outside to take a walk I see this scene.



But from a different perspective you see one scene as a whole multitude of pictures that work together.



The same scene but a different perspective.

That is how I began to see kata movement, the fractals of the movement as tools that could be used.

Then in time that opening one movement section of Seisan kata, opened to reveal countless potentials.

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