Thursday, July 5, 2018

Surprise II - The Wizzer


There were so many techniques, nice techniques, that never fit into the regular program but still they work.


I picked this up long ago, no longer sure where that was. But it was a very workable tool if needed.


I believe one time I showed this to the kids, as a throw away. Perhaps 30 years ago.

That version was used for a walk away. Making the person who tried to grab you, do a perp walk.


But this is the version I recall best.


One time I was giving one of my friendly clinics. Don’t know which move I started with,, Whichever one it was I noticed from the look on one of the instructors face they were not impressed.  On the spot I decided they would be my next uke.


So I selected that instructor and asked them to step in and grab me. (For basic learning purposes I consider a grab the same as a punch, a place to begin.) Those I was working with were not my students, and I didn’t have the time for deeper potential study.


They stepped in with their right leg and grabbed toward my collar with their right hand.


As they began to move I stepped forward with my left foot, to the outside of their line of attack. As I did so my right hand performed a right outside open hand shuto block.


When my hand touched their arm, the hand slid over their arm, remember I was moving forward at the same time, so my movement became a force enhancer to what happened next. It was the back of my open hand that lightly pressed down into their moving arm.


As the back of my hand touched their arm from on top my hand suddenly switched to a downward pressing open palm hand. Then the turn of my hand made their arm descend in an arc moving the arm between their legs, up to their groin. (This entire turning motion must be done very smooth.)


As their arm swung  beneath their groin, I completed stepping forward with my right foot in a crescent step. I had turned to the right and now was standing behind them. They, from that motion of their arm in an arc, were bent over,  their arm between their legs.


My left hand then swung up and grasped the wrist of their arm.


I pulled up suddenly and lightly. The pressure of their own arm pressing into their groin, became another force enhances making them bend over further. It all happened in an instant. They turned end over end from that pull, ending up on their back on the floor.


As they were intending to grab me, the last thing they expected was to find themselves on their back on the floor.


The point was made.


Of course there is another option , a less pressing upward grab just makes them rise on the balls of their feet. Then you can perp walk them anywhere.


It was my mind alone that began to think of this move as the wizzer.


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