Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Shearing Plane of Force

The first way I saw karate it was as a percussive art, Strikes and Kicks.


Then one time when I first started training with Tristan Sutrisno, I saw simple exercises he was first shown as a boy when he was 4 in Indonesia by his father. In time I realized they were not just a child’s exercises but were the basis for extremely effective martial technique in their own right.


I came to see such movements in a different way from the percussive manner of karate. To me they became use of a shearing plane of force against an attacker.


Further study I began to realize they were present in everything I studied. Where I studied tai chi just to do tai chi, not for martial use, I came to realize these motions were in tai chi.


They were in karate. They were in karate.


When the eye opened I saw they were present almost everywhere. But it is easy to define an art from one perspective;.


An extremely effective demonstration of how this can work can be seen here.


Or course this does not explore all of the potential uses of the Shearing Plane of Force.

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