Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Weakest Possible Technique

Karate did not have a single purpose, but too often we do not think of what the range of those purposes could have been.


The most obvious was it’s potential for self defense, or perhaps guarding someone and the use to eliminate an attack.


I do imagine that there were a greater range of purposes than just those we focus on.


In my range of studies I have experienced some of those uses, which lie outside of the box of conventional thought. Enough of them at times I wonder how many things there were  considered and trained for.


In that light much discussion is given to how to develop the most powerful technique, such as the most powerful strike. Of course that certainly has it’s place in karate study.


But at times I wonder whether any of us consider how to develop the weakest, most slight technique to conclude an attack. One so outlandish that it does not draw the attention of the target to defend against, and that when delivered there is no longer a fight.


Perhaps more important a technique that remains unnoticed by those observing you.


Something worthy of being called the empty hand.

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