Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Bushi No Te Isshinryu Rank Standards

Now concerning Bushi No Te Isshinryu, I am no longer in charge.

Over the years for various reasons I adapted the following rank structure,

I was still primarily and Isshinryu program, that always my core.


But I addressed issues like:


1. Supplementary kata for beginning youth, to slow down what they had to learn, and build stronger skills for their eventual Isshinryu studies.

2. The requirements were the standard for everyone, but adults tended to move through the beginning kata as a faster pace.

3. I incorporated various mandatory supplemental kata from numerous systems so long term students could gain a larger understanding of what other systems did, in part.

4. I squarely face the reality that my students had friends in many other karate programs and their friends were black belts often after 2 years. So I reset the youth ranks, adopting junior black belts. That did not change the youth time to reach full shodan, which remained 7 to 9 years. It also did not increase the number of students remaining training either. Just a small acknowledgment of what they were accomplishing.

5. Kobudo training was for the most part something for dan study.

6. My own studies (senior) were not for others.

7. Instructor was not a dan rank, they had different challenges to keep their minds working.

8. Effectively there were 2 dan ranks, Ni dan and San dan, both lifetime studies in their own right. The day by their own effort determines how far they go.


 #  Youth rank    Kata           Adult rank          Kata source


 1       White         Sho             White                  Shorin Matsubayshi

 2       Purple        Kyozai                                    School Kata on Okinawa

 3       Orange       Annaku      White                   Shorin Kyan

 4       Yellow        Seisan         Yellow                  Isshinryu

 5       Blue            Saifa           Yellow                  Goju Ryu

 6       Green         Seiunchin   Yellow                  Isshinryu

 7       Brown        Naifanchi   Blue                     Isshinryu

 8       Brown        Wansu        Blue                     Isshinryu

 9       Jr. Black 1 Chinto        Green                   Isshinryu

10      Jr. Black 1           Lung Le Kuen Brown            Pai Lum

11      Jr. Black 2           Kusanku    Brown                  Isshinryu

12      Jr. Black 2 Nijushiho   Brown                  Shotokan

13      Jr. Black 3           SunNusu    Brown                  Isshinryu

14      Jr. Black 3           Sanchin      Brown                  Isshinryu

15                         Bando Staff         Brown*      Bando

16                         Bando Stick 1      Brown*      Bando

17                         Bando Stick 2      Black 1      Bando

18                         Matzan Tildur     Black 1       Tjimande

19                         Kusanku Sai       Black 2       Isshinryu

20                         Tokomeni No Kon Black 2    Isshinryu

21                         Urashie no Bo     Black 2      Isshinryu

22                         Wansu No tonfa  Black 2      Victor

23                         Chantan Yara no Sai 

Black3        Isshinryu

24                         Shi Shi No Kon no Dai

                                                          Black 3       Isshinryu

25                         “Chia Fa” tonfa  Black 3        Isshinryu

26                         Gojushiho            Black 3       Isshinryu

27                         Tanto Drills         Instructor   Sutrisno

28                         Kama Drill          Instructor   Victor

29                         Chosen No Kama Sho

                                                          Instructor   Sutrisno

30                         Chosen No Kama Dai

                                                          Instructor   Sutrisno

31                         Tomari Rohai     Senior         Shorin

32                         Aragaki Sochin   Senior         Shorin

33                         Seipai                   Senior         Goju

34                         Yang Tai Chi Chaun

                                                          Senior         Yang

35                         Yang Tai Chi Sword

                                                          Senior         Yang

35                         Bassai Dai            Optional     Shotokan

36                         Suparimpei                   Optional     Goju

37                         Sanchin               Optional     Ueichi

38                         Seisan                  Optional     Ueichi





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