Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Double Supple Dragon - an advanced brown belt practice

One of the facets of the Bushi No Te Isshinryu program is that we have additional form requirements honoring friends I have trained with, and additionally adding another dimension to our practice.


Long ago I first studied with Ernest Rothrock Laoshi, and often observer his students studying a Pai Lum form Supple Dragon. I requested Ernest to share it with my students to allow them to touch his training. That did not make our students kung fu stylists, but it did expose them to another form of training.


No question Isshinryu snuck in there as time passed. We are not Pai Lum students after all. However it add a dimension to our potential. Also, it gives my students a reason to hate me forever. A challenge.


In this video Andrew Ware and Luke Hodgkins are performing the form in different directions. This is more difficult. This was taken on 12-2-1995.

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