Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some Seisan Kata Application Potential

On December 2, 1995 Ernest Rothrock Laoshi visited my school to give a clinic in a 2 person form he teaches from the Ching Woo association. We also spent time sharing other material. A few of his other arts to allow my students to see them. And some examples of what we were also working on.


I gave him a demonstration of the application potential I saw for Isshinryu Seisan Kata.


This is not how we study application potential, That is quite different.Moving from understanding potential applications, which use a basic attack.


And that is misleading for the punch is also a defense against a grab, just a faster target for training.


The study moves through many types of attacks. A layered long term study till application realization happens. But everyone must start somewhere.


So this was a demonstration of some of the range of Seisan kata.


This isn’t very clear, but I believe this shows what I see, I am abusing Jed Kurkowski and Young Lee is showing the form.

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