Thursday, March 12, 2015


I think one of the most difficult lessons in karate is the time required.

A beginner can’t understand that in 20 years they will finally begin to understand their training. Even many black belts have a difficult time understanding many black belt studies will take another 29 years before they understand than new knowledge.

Karate is a study, not a guarantee of instant ability. The time required is personal, depending on one’s own effort. It can’t be rushed. And in time and with work improvement occurs..

I am reminded of my Grandmother Workinger. She started baking as a young girl and continued for her lifetime. Among many dishes, she made perfect pie crusts for her many pies. She got to the point that she could feel when the made from scratch crust was perfect, regardless of weather such as rain. Of course she also made many pies. Apple, Cherry, Grape, Shoe fly, Montgomery and the kid favorite Sugar pies.

This very sweet and creamy pie is made of two layers. The first is whipped up with molasses, sugar, water, lemon juice and rind, and a bit of flour. The second is a creamy, sweet buttermilk topping. They both go into a pie shell that is baked, cooled and served to raves...

Such skill wasn’t following a recipe. A life time of execution.

Skill in karate requires similar focus. Just acquiring moves takes less effort. Solid execution does require more. But advances skill takes decades of work. No matter how solid one looks with extreme practice, skill is something more.

The result of the integration of all your training into each execution, makes the art more complete.

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