Monday, September 7, 2015

Aikido No. 5

Back in 1980 when I first started visiting and training with Tristan Sutrisno he was teaching his students an Aikido drill for karate-ka against punching attacks where the technique after technique placed the opponent on the floor with either a throw (projection) or a lock.


The complete drill was like a game of monkey in the middle, with each attacker either ending locked on the floor, or projected away.


After watching them do this for 15 minutes, Tristan turned and asked me if I would like to try. At that time it was done with 8 attackers (though the drill had more sections) this was the kyu version. I had learned by that time to pay attention. I said “Sure” and then did it.


I remember Tristan asking me how I knew it. I told him a black belt pays attention and never says no.


After that he shared with me more closely for a decade,


From his book the Complete Martial Artist, here is Tristan Sutrisno performing what I was told to call Aikido No. 5. It is the Aikido Heaven and Earth Throw. It does not show the ending locking movement.



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