Thursday, September 10, 2015

What you can’t practice you can’t do.

What you can’t practice you can’t do.


These are the wisest words I have ever heard.


Talking with one of our Brown Belts tonight I remarked that reaching Sho- Dan just meant that they were now beginners. Before they are potential students. In maybe 20 years they would have begun to understand the depth of their studies.


Of course that sounds good. But in practice I back that up with students now in their 30th year of training.


Developing the kyu there is a set pattern to training. But every variation is not possible or desirable. Rather conditioning basics and skill development on a range of movement.


For the Dan it is a different goal, then to pursue their own study to the depths they can discover. I can but guide them, they have to motivate themselves for the journey.


Take kicking.


A dan drill set might be moving down the floor throwing a range of kicks.


1.    Groin level scoop kicks.

2.    Thigh high front thrust kicks.

3.    Knee high front thrust kicks.

4.    Knee high front snap kicks.

5.    Shin high front thrust kicks.

6.    Shin high front snap kicks.

7.    Ankle high front thrust kicks,

8.    Ankle high front snap kicks.

9.    Toe high front thrust kicks.

10.                       Toe high front snap kick.

11.                       Ankle reaps

12.                       Ankle sweeps



Really just an example of what responsibility awaits.

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