Saturday, September 26, 2015


A long time ago I learned a real lesson about intent.


I was judging at a tournament by George Dillman at the Field House where he held them. They were large events, and of course they were not fair, no competition ever was. They were an opportunity to compete.


This time I was a corner judge in the teen fighting division. This time a young woman entered the division. I don’t know why. Frequently there were less events for teens, for far fewer choose to fight. But apparently there was just one division for teen kumite. And she decided to compete.


Now one girl among the boys seems unfair on the surface. But knowing the young women coming from some programs, it was less unlikely than many think.


Then this teen was extremely attractive. Which I suspect she was well aware of.


For as the day progressed, she fought and won fight after fight.


She was a clean fighter, but the look on the young men’s faces was priceless. It showed they did not want to hit her, rather ask her out on a date.


That she was skilled was certain. But that she was a woman was a presence too.


Her skill advanced her to the semi-final round. Which was a good clean fight. Many of those she had defeated were shouting for her to win.


She did and so advanced to the final round.


There she met someone who also wanted to win. More importantly he did not want to ask her out on a date.


That he won the fight is not the story. The better prepared individual should win the fight.


Rather intent is part of the story. She was there to fight, and fight she did to her best. Which in my mind is the lesson.

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