Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Move - Adhesion


After a variety of martial experiences in addition to Isshinryu, mainly in Thi Chi, various Northern Chinese Arts, Indonesian Tjimande and Shotokan and Aikido, you begin to recognize like movement in various arts.


One day long ago I saw an article in the former magazine. They did resemble some techniques I had studies. One of them was new, but I understood what it was doing, so I tried it, and it worked. Rather than dig out that magazine at this time, I will describe it in my own words.


For the drill, the attacker is stepping in with the left foot and attacking with the left hand


You pivot away spinning on the ball of your left foot and your right back foot pushing away. Ending with a left foot forward cat stance.


Raise your left hand and place the back of your left hand lightly atop their striking arm.


You are working the external line of defense, outside their attack.


Your left hand lightly lays atop their striking arm , bent wrist palm up.


Adhere to their strike and with the pressure of your wrist guide them further forward. Then lightly press down once they have moved their arm through that space you previously occupied.


Then that left arm presses down, adhering to their striking arm, and they lean forward following the downward arm.


Maintaining Cat stance, lightly place your right before their temple, light pressing across the edge of their eyes. Against that slight pressure (do not use much force) their natural inclination is to move their head away.


Next flow your right hand forward until your palm lightly presses against their forehead. This increases their need to turn their head. As their head continues to turn, your right hand then lies across their left temple and presses backwards.


This rotational pressure of adhesion spins them on their axis and out of control.


Continue spinning them until their neck, bent backwards, rests against your left arm, which has risen to catch them.


At this point, using very slight pressure, you have guided them to a place they do now want to be, where you have the option of many choices.


1.    Simply let to and they fall, backwards, to the ground.

2.    You might drop your right elbow into their neck.


Of course you can do anything, it is not my purpose to catalog the options you may make.


On the occasion you meet someone who has been trained to not move there head away from a pressure against the eye area, and instead the turn into the pressure.


Move your right hand to the same area on the other side of their face. In the case of starting with the right, you would flow your hand immediately to their left side of their head.


Then do the same thing as before, press into their eyes lightly, and rotate their head counter-clockwise. Turn their head till it faces the floor. Then apply descending

pressure against their back with your left hand. This causes them to drop headfirst to the floor.


In any case use adhesion rather than more forceful movement.
Obviously this is not a technique for beginners, It is most dangerous and applying more than the slightest force could do severe damage. You only need to apply enough force to move the attacker into your desired position. Applying more force turns this into something else. a dangerous situation.
In this the beginner would shift into more power because of lack of trust in the movement. For that matter, this might be the case with black belts unfamiliar with these movements.


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