Friday, June 24, 2016

An Alternate Way to Teach Stick

Once upon a time I decided to share some stick technique with my students. But I didn’t want to have young people thinking about striking people with sticks.


I found a different solution. Long ago one friend told me about how when he was a Brown Belt in his art, and he had to often walk around New York City. So he used to carry a rolled up newspaper in his hands, to use to strike into an attacker if that occurred.


That gave me an idea and I shared some stick training with the kids using rolled up newspapers. This was just for a New Years Night Sleep Over at the Club for the kids. I often offered one time unique forms from other systems for those training sessions. And that is what I did that time.


Now without reinforcement the training in time, is left behind. And this was not part of the curriculum they were learning.


But it makes a point how variable short stick is. Literally anything you can hold in  your hand, Stones, Books, bottles, cans etc., can be used as a weapon. And the empty hand can also be used as a stick.


A truly variable study.


Even with a rolled up newspaper.



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