Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wry Observation

 Being in the presence of great instructors really doesn’t give you much.

Simply showing up for some event where they are there, will not do anything for your art itself.


I have been fortunate to train with a few great one. In Isshinryu Tom Lewis, Sherman Harrill, Charles Murray and John Kerker. In my Chinese studies Ernest Rothrock, in my studies in Shotokan and Aikido Tristan Sutrisno. Each and everyone skilled in different ways.


But showing up and dropping names means nothing.


It takes hour and hours of sweat equity, working over and over what they showed. More hours recording what they shared to remember what you can, then years of work practicing.


Then you have what you have, the art you developed from their inspiration. Not the same thing they possessed, but what their presence inspired you to become.


Then if you are lucky you can share some of that forward.


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