Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Salisbuty Dojo of Tom Lewis

 What is a dojo?


It is a place to train.

It is the people who train there.

It is where the attitude to succeed is forge.


When I began the dojo was the dojo of Tom Lewis.


I know before my time, it was located in many places. But for me it was the Karate Barn that was the place I trained.



 In those days, I was there to train, not take photos.

But sometime after I received my black belt in 1979, one of my trips back there I took some photos. So between 1979 and 1984 this was what Salisbury looked like, just as it had been for me.

Then when you entered the first thing you would see was the people on the floor training.

In this photo Dennis Lockwood is crossing the dojo.

In the alcove off the main floor Lewis Sensei maintained his kobudo weapons.

Here is Mr. Lockwood in the dojo office.

At times the instructors might relax there after class.

But it was the place Lewis Sensei used to maintain the program.

He also kept some of his awards and dojo trophies there too.

The Dojo of Tom Lewis


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