Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Party Is Over

I remember a short story by Jorge Louis Borges, “The Circual Ruins” where as a young man he began a journey at a temple in the jungle. And when he arrived at the end of his journey years later he was at the same temple. (with appoligies if my summary is inaccurate.)
That describes how I feel, In 1979 I began teaching at the Scranton Boys Club, then moving an beginning anew at the Derry Boys and Girls Club in 1985.
Now this journey ends at Derry, and I turn over my role at the club to Mike Cassidy and Young Lee, both of whom started in 1985.
In many ways full circle.
Also appropriate is what I recall of a short poem by Theodore Rothke.
If you travel far enough,
You will get there.
All your friends will be there,
And they will all have chairs.’
I am sure that is not totally accurate but it does describe what I feel.

Last night, Mike ran a review class for the kids before the summer break, Then the kids drew a kata at random from a hat and did that kata. I then did Sanchin Kata for them.
My Sanchin for them,
The stances clean,
Power in movement,
Finished strong.
Then I spoke a few words for them and they had some cake, which the kids appreciated.
For the adult class I focused on some practical applications for them. Then gave a few words of advice about their future training. And of course ran several kata.
Just another night of Karate Class, but for me the last one here.
There is much I am still trying to learn and share.
Yes the Boys and Girls Club did give a recognition plack recognizing over 30 years of volunteer service, then they named the room after me, so future generations of kids can be mystified who that guy was.
A end, A beginning, the Journey begins again.


Charles Murray said...

Hanshi, you finished the course -- well done!!!! -- Charlie

Richard Ruberto said...

I guess all things come to an end sooner or later. The mark we make along the way is what's important. When I think of the amount of dedication you deposited into your art I cannot help but smile and have the utmost admiration for you. You and I Victor are different in some ways and very much the same in other ways. Today I choose to see what we both have in common. I thank you for standing along side me in standing firm on your beliefs.