Sunday, September 24, 2017

When Push Comes to Shove - the fourth answer

Again to continue with this theme, another answer is

what the ‘low block’ can turn into.


The movement that begins as a low block changes with another

Circular movement and becomes a inverted ridge hand strike.


Thus the low block becomes a strike

moving through the space provided by the attacking arm or leg.



Again the transition from the low block to inverted ridge hand strike is done with a circular motion, when done with a shift in the hips becomes another force enhancer.


This also permits you to be unpredictable in your use of technique.


Taken together these four techniques

Are a way to make your karate more unpredictable.

Using blocks as opening movements for strikes.


They can be practiced individually, each a singular drill.

You can also take any kata and replace the blocks

With the enhanced movements.


This can also be practiced as a new extended kata,

For advancing skills with these movements.


You are in control as to when you choose to use them.

And of course this is not everything,
but it is a good beginning.

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