Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kusanku Kata - The Neck Strike with Parry

Kusanku Kata

The Neck Strike with Parry


Looking at the Usheiba Morhei 1935 Aikido Atemi strikes

It was very clear to see how they fit the Kusanku Kata,

Neck Strike with Parry.


These movements make for a good throwing technique.

But there is a different variation that even uses the kata motion even more.


When you execute the Parry to your head and strike into their neck,

With a strike into the neck with a counter-clockwise motion,

As the pressure of that strike turns their head away,

What you do is press down on the top of their spine,

This forces them downward,


Then as they drop,

You press your knee into their neck,

Forcing a strong pin as you kneel over them.


And of course this does not even begin to describe

All of the options available.


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