Saturday, September 23, 2017

When Push Comes To Shove – One Answer

Should you be pressed to respond, and you are unsure how to best us a technique series from your kata,


I have a principle that was shared with me long ago

The principle of Short Range Striking.


Not found directly in kata,

But using movements in a new way but also familiar.


Take anyplace there is a high block in a kata sequence.


Instead you replace it with a circular descending strike,

That begins like a high block,

But as the high block connects the arm begins to deflect down from that block,

And become a descending strike into the attacker.


The transition from the high block to the descending knife hand is done with a circular motion, when done with a shift in the hips becomes another force enhancer.

This permits you to be unpredictable in your use of technique.

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