Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So a new day and another choice of a technique.

Another day but cooler weather.

Though that means it still will hit 100f.


So a new day and another choice of a technique.


Just for simplicity I will use a left arm/hand strike towards you.

And the response will be an interior line of defense.


I turn toward the right, step back with the left to facilitate the turn.

Then both arms rise, the left before the right,

Forming a ‘X’ block against the attackers arm,

Both hands facing you.


This ‘block’ is very powerful, no matter how hard they strike

The alignment of the body behind the ‘X’ 

Becomes a force enhancer for the block.


Then the left hand rolls out to move their arm,

 away from your center.


As that occurs the right open hand moves forward past their head,

And then slices back into their neck from the side.

The hand then retreats to your center of your chest.


Finally that right hand strikes out with the yoke of the hand,

Between the thumb and the forefinger.

Allowing after that strike to grab their throat.


This technique uses multiple striking.

A slicing movement into the side of the neck,

Then a strike into the throat.



This is a variation of the ‘Archer’s Block’ from Seiunchin Kata.


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