Monday, September 4, 2017

Another Good Day, Each Day I Discover My Art Anew is a Good Day

I woke up this morning and checked as I do every day.

Yep, I am still disabled.

With each step I take I realize how weaker I am from where I was.


The theme through mid week seems to be a constant 107f in Buckeye.

Perhaps with thundershowers tomorrow.


But cooler in the dark this morning.


So I begin my morning Tai Chi practice.

Then onto the theme I woke up with.

How do I maximize my ability for this day?


As I was sleeping I was thinking about the relationship

Between the opening of Seisan Kata and the opening on Chinto kata.

Such thoughts are constant themes these days

After 40 years of work,

I am continuing to work on what my Isshinryu can do for me.


What strikes me is how powerful the ‘X” block of Chinto kata can be.


Considering someone rushing me with an attempt to push me to the ground.

I take an interior line of defense.

And use the superior potential of the “X” block to deflect their right push.

As the “X” forms, I am going to use the “>” for the block.

Long ago I realized no matter how much power they possess,

they are not strong to best that “X” block.


Using the “>” to deflect them to the left,

I then use the slicing returning right hand

To strike into the side of their face, or alternately into their neck.

And especially if I am holding short sticks in my hand,

That slice can break what it hits, or cut into the face or neck.


But serendipity holds that anything in possible,

While I want to use the interior line of defense,

I might move wrong and move on the exterior line of defense.

No matter, shifting to the “<” of the “X” block continues to work well,

And a slicing follow up with the lead left hand is also very effective.


And should they strike with the left hand instead of the right,

The “X” again works for the interior or exterior line of defense

Against that strike.


So another morning to prepare, to train, to excel.


Day the moment before the sun rises,


This will be a good day.



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