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From “Ryuku Oke Hiden Bujutsu: Karate, Bukijutsu”

From “Ryuku Oke Hiden Bujutsu: Karate, Bukijutsu”
(Secret Royal Martial Arts of Ryukyu: Karate and Weaponry)
by Matsuo Kaneori Sakon


This sure caught my attention.
The secret of “Bu No Mai” the Okinawan dance, is the secret of his art.
The dance can be done with empty or hands,
Or the same movements can be done with weapons.
Bu No Mai” contains punches, kicks, throws, grappling and weaponry.
The point of origin of this secret technique is Tuidijutsu.
Tuidijutsu techniques compound on one another,
Making the possibilities virtually endless.
The structure of his art is as follows:
If the art of not injuring somebody is tuidijutsu,
Then there is that of tuidi-gaeshi (tuidi reversals)
And even higher is ura-gaeshi (reversal techniques).
Still higher ist the pinnacle, is Ajikata Nu Mekata,
Or the dance of the feudal lords.
“In other words, fully developed martial arts
Do not have corners or rough edges,
And look even smooth or weak to the eye.
But for those who have experience with Udondi,
There are frighteningly effective techniques,
that one’s hair stands on end.
Ajikata Nu Mekata
Ajikata Nu Mekata
Tada Omote Miruna
Waza Ni Waza Sayuru
Ukudi Yariba
“Do not make light of the dance of the Ryukyu Warriors,
For the technique compounds technique,
And the deepest martial secrets lie hidden there.”
 * This was translated by Joe Swift in 2005
Several useful YouTube videos
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本部御殿手 武の舞 浜千鳥 Motobu Udundi Bunomai
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本部御殿手 - Motobu Udundi -
Uehara Seikichi - Anji-no-mai-no-te Kata
Not sure if these add anything to the topic?
Okinawan Ti Hand Positions in Transition
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