Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Seeing what is not there….

  Age happens and the fact life keeps changing is a reality that is at times not pleasant to face.

 Years ago I did not need glasses, then I did and so shifted into a different universe for the seeing challenged. Then more time passes and new glasses are required. Suddenly you need different glasses, for different distances. One pair was for distance sight when driving.

 Then the universe again changes and I no longer drive, those driving glasses get relegated to the shelf, For now when I use the PC, walk around the neighborhood, and so forth, my sight needs are different.
So Thanksgiving we were driving over to have lunch with Maureen’s brother and his wife.

Along the way the splendor of the Arizona countryside was apparent. Distant hills with different colored strata, a distant power transformer station and power towers and their lines coming from there.


Maureen was driving and then she mentioned a line of hot air balloons in the sky, 7 of them. I looked and looked but could not see them, and she was insisting they were there.
I could not see what she was seeing.
Then the moment passed and I dismissed it, just remembered it occurred.
Again last night, in the cooler night air, Maureen asked me to come out in our back yard.

What she saw was what appeared to be a hole in the moon. Of course an optical illusion, however when I looked up I just saw a blurry double moon, not what she  was describing.

 There was a halo around the moon from ice crystals in the high air, but again no longer how long I looked I did not see the hole she saw.
Later in the evening, the senior moment came to me and I remembered those long discarded long distance glasses. I went and got them, I could not exactly see what she described but I did see more.
No, I am not going to get new glasses, for everyday reality I don’t need them, Nor do need to view the moon or balloons after all.

 It just strikes me how much this resembles the quote about looking at the pointing finger, and thus missing the heavenly glory.

Bruce Lee strikes again.





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