Friday, November 3, 2017

Unintended Application Discoveries

Having been taught the Isshinryu system
with no filters for correct applications
At times I would stumble into some neat applications.
Of course if you have no technique
understanding the principle involved often does you no good.
I remember an old song,
“ Love and Marriage,
Love and Marriage,
… Can’t have one without the other.”
Of course the entire body of literature throughout history gives lie to that,
But it makes a point about kata.
“Technique and Principle,
Technique and Principle,
… Can’t have one without the other.”
The actual movements in usage vary slightly from their kata shape.
However the core remains the same,
Allowing you to use the energy from kata practice as studied.
So once upon a time these applications randomly occurred.
1. An application from Sunsu Kata
 When you Separate hands, turn and strike across their neck.
Principle from aikido – the pain or anticipated pain
 causes them throw themself. It is why great aikido looks so effortless.

A. Turn into the left arm striking toward you.
B. Use the rising then descending palm strikes to strike into their neck and their striking arm. The right descending palm into their arm, the left descending palm into their neck.
Make sure you rotate your right arm into their neck,
To enhance the pressure against their neck.
Their neck turns away from that descending strike
C. Rotate 90 degrees, then strike with your right palm into their neck.
That strike curves around their neck, that motion causing them to move further away.
This is the takedown.
That right strike could cause a KO if delivered into their neck, but using the rotation imparted from the turning movement, will cause them to move away and down from that force, which makes this movement a takedown.
2. An application from Seiunchin Kata
Principle from aikido – the pain or anticipated pain
 causes them throw themself. It is why great aikido looks so effortless.

Parry a right strike at 45 degrees,
Your left open hand making the parry
Then step in and deliver a right forearm strike through their neck,

They jump into the takedown


Principle from aikido – the pain or anticipated pain
 makes them throw them self.

3. Principle stepping into the attack
Creates a force enhancer that the technique you throw
The attacker does not have the time to anticipate and block.


Another movement from Seiunchin Kata

Principle – Moving toward your opponent becomes a force enhancer.

The opponent has far less time to react,
Making blocking almost  impssible.
This works with many kata techniques.

 They move and you bash them in the nose, instantly.
Interior line of defense.

You parry their strike away from your centerline.
At the same time step forward

 And deliver a rising forearm strike to their head,
Followed by a descending elbow strike into their body.

Using the stepping forward principle
From the Kihon drills creates a force enhancer.
Strengthening the rising elbow strike.
Unintended applications are most appreciated





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