Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Step by Step we Advance

Today from home to N. 268th Ave and back, my longest trek yet, and when I made it there, there was another golf hole.

Being that it was my longest walk yet,
I worked out using a variation of my Tai Chi breathing,
To make the length of the walk more bearable.
I began a 4 count pattern.
Inhalation and 4 steps,
Exhalation and 4 steps.
Then continue many times.
Then switch to a 6 count pattern.
Inhalation and 6 steps,
Exhalation and 6 steps.
Again continue many times.
Then go back to the 4 count pattern,
Somewhat later switch to the 6 count pattern again.
And so forth.
Drawing strength from the inhalation and exhalation to fullness.

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