Thursday, November 2, 2017

The road is long and winding

I was visiting a Goju dojo and sharing some of how I would use applications from Seiunchin kata. As in many other instances, inspiration struck and I realized a new application possibility..
There is a section in Seiunchin Kata after a downward smash
Where you grasp your left wrist
And then pull back and strike with you left hand
When your right hand is providing additional support to the left wrist.


The application that came to me was how to use
This augumented punch against someone
Who is going to grab and strike you.
From the starting  position,
where you have struck down with a back knuckle strike.
1. You grasp your right hand wrist.
2. Using the circular motion contained in moving
That augumented hand back to chamber,
Here you are using the wedge shape of the two arms for the deflection.
That movement parries the grab away from your centerline.
3. Then from chamber strike forward with the augumented strike.
As you do so that right hand parries a strike away from your centerline,
This uses the wedge shape of the strike to move their strike away from you.
5. And finishes by striking into the attacker.
There are other ways to look at this,
But this is an interesting use of this movement.

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