Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Unique Force was Upon the Land

Often something get displaced in the mists of time.

I believe this has been one of them. Jhoon Rhee one of America’s founding fathers of Tae Kwon Do is such an individual.
He taught a very large group of schools in the Baltimore and Washington DC area. Among his other accomplishments he created the first form rubber safety gear that was to become the upcoming world wide standard.
He had many accomplished students in Fighting and Forms. He even had a role in a Tae Kwon Do Movie, “When Tae Kwon Do Strikes”.
I believe it is one of the more unique endings I have seen. This is a clip of the closing fights.
But I believe one of the things he attempted has been lost in time.
He had the idea to mesh forms with classical music.
Some examples:
Beethoven Form
Theme of Exodus
And here is Jhoon Rhee doing the form Chosang. The name means Ancestors and he created it to honor America’s founding fathers.
I believe this is worth remembering his driving force was on the face of American Martial Arts.

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