Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Often a little knowleges leaves one thirsting for more.

There are times a little bit of knowledge leaves one looking for more.

Along my way I learned much and at the same time just a little from Ernest Rothrock,
He was the source for my Tai Chi instruction.
He also took me on a tour of various Northern Chinese Arts just to become more knowledgeable about Chinese Systems.

One of them a slight touch of the Eagle Claw system,
Through sharing one of their major forms, Hon Kuen.
That form contains most of the techniques of Eagle Claw.
Of course I do not have the decades of focused practice to have gained skill in Eagle Claw.

The thing I have observed watching him develop over the decades.
The key as in so many arts is intense practice over decades.

The system is called Eagle Claw because of the intense grappling applications
Of the hands, as claws.
The key is everything.


Drills, Forms, weapons, 2 person sets, Eagle Claw sparring
All combine in the Eagle Claw creation.

Foremost is the power within its claws.
When felt, the claws used create great pain when they are applied.
Of course the same movements can be applied as grappling applications,
However without the accompanying pain they mat be less effective.

The secret is not learned by consulting meridian charts.
Rather through the extensive 2 person sparring sets, in practiced tactical learning.
From simpler sets on the basic Eagle Claw principles,
On to many, many sets covering ever deeper Eagle Claw use.

Cumulating in the 108 sparring set.
All focused on being able to use the Eagle Claws.

My own studies never went that far,
But in one of Shem Leung books on Eagle Claw it share the outline of what was covered.


I am sure my rather limited introduction to Faan Tzy Ying Jow Pai,
Probably contained some exposure to many of them.
Still Very Intriguing.

However you ought not dwell of those last techniques a great deal.
I doubt they are anything than specialized use of already learned movements.
Of course that is just a guess on my part.

Too often today people want instant answers,
And there are many who are willing to sell answers for a price.

The real price is decades of focused sweat.

 Just a suggestion all systems do not follow the same paradigm.
That does not mean the system is better or worse,
Just a different, often very different way.
A look at one of the early Eagle Claw 2 person sets.

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