Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Self Defense?

When I began my study it was not because I wanted to defend myself, I did not want sport or even physical fitness. I knew of karate’s existence because of a roommate at University who was studying Shotokan, and thought that the study would be interesting.


Then in time I working in construction, I became aware that there was a karate club outside of town. No idea what Isshinryu was nor looking for any specific system. Sheer serendipity as it turned out.


So one evening I went and watched a class. The next night there was not a class, but I talked to Tom Lewis. He was agreeable that I could try it out.


I went, quickly discovering I was probably the least beginner that ever existed, and I stayed and learned.


Now much, much, much latar. I am still uninterested in self defense, sport of physical fitness from training.


I train as I can because that is what I have become.


Much resembling the worst karate student I started as, even less competent.


If need arose, I would just use karate as I have worked at it.

No pre-conceived idea what I would do, just do.

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