Saturday, January 13, 2018

Collision With Reality

A very long time ago in school, the problem was asked.
“If two trains both traveling as  20 MPH collide,
what is the resulting force of the collision?”
The answer was they met as if going 40 MPH.
Long into my own study of kata application potential
One evening I was working with Dr. Paul Harper in class.
A new idea had come to me and I wanted to test it out.
So I asked Paul to attack me, with a standard stepping lead hand strike,
Knowing enough to use slow motion.
I just stepped forward into the attack,
Just performing the movement from some kata
(which one long forgotten at this time).
My defense from that kata movement was applied too quickly,
Even at slow motion.
I just blasted Paul in the face.
And his reply was not a happy one.
So I apologized, not realizing what occurred.
Then I promised I would go much slower the next time
And we should attempt it again.
Paul attacked again,
And I moved slower with my response.
Of course the answer nailed him again.
The move involved is not the lesson I am talking about.
The key component is that both of us were closing on one another.
That made the kata response being done, happen much more suddenly.
And in my experience I repeated this
with any number of various kata movements.
When two bodies are moving together things happen very quickly.
Too quick to for any possible defense to be mounted.
The speed of the closing movement
A Force Enhancer.
One which I have found is rarely discussed.
Thus at closing speed,
Many movements produce impressive results.
 Kata as if two trains are colliding.

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