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Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

It was the 1980s. Karate in the NE began thinking about what was in Karate that they had not been shown.


Perhaps Oyata Seryu was a first cause, or George Dillman was such a force.

In Boston a Chinese Instructor who also had a Phd in Engineering background noticed what was happening, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.


Both noticed and felt he could make a contribution to that occurring.


In addition to his own students classes, he also was a student of many Chinese arts. Applying his Engineering Logic to a question he must have posed to himself, and began another facet of his live, One that would eventually lead to a publishing and seminar business for himself.


He realized that within many Chinese arts there was a grappling tradition, one called Chin Na. And realized that it had something to offer those karate people wanting to learn more about the potential of karate, and of course they would pay for it.


Thus began an entire series of books about Chin Na, and eventually viderseries about those books, And then in time on to many other things.


I remember showing one of those books to an instructor I was working with in his own family study of Shotokan, Aikido and Tjimande.I remember how amazed he was looking at that book and showing he had almost the same techniques in his art. Remarking that it was as if his dad had written the book.


At the same time I was also in other studies I was doing in a variety of Northern Chinese tradigions (Sil Lum, Tai Tong Long, Faaz Tzi Ying Jow Pai) and knew of what Chin Na they contained.


What Dr Yang accomplished was to take the Chin Na he had, and restructure what was presented logically. A way others could look and learn those potentials and perhaps find ways to relate some of it back to their karate.


When I moved to NH, I first met him at a clinic where he was a member, one a friend had invited me and my wife to attend.


When the active part of his demonstration was taking place, my wife was working with my friend.


And he was experiencing some difficulty with the movement, having trouble applying it on my wife.


Dr. Yang was walking around helping people and saw my friends problems.

He started to help show what he was doing wrong and asked my wife to perform the lock on him,


Now he had interesting hands, for one thing his wrists were very red, from continual practice and teaching I am sure.


So Maureen applied the lock being worked. Of course she had plenty of prior practice on the movement from my other instructors over the years.


Maureen applied the wrist lock, precisely.

Dr. Yang felt the application, and immediately went to the floor from the lock.


The look on his face was priceless of course.


Somewhat later my friend enter an nine month agreement with Dr.Yang to host several 9 month weekly seminars, one on Chin Na, one on Yang Tai Chi.

I was working and the timing was inconvenient for me, but my wife thought they might be interesting, so she signed up for them


The first night she went there, the second she entered my friend’s dojo, Dr Yang remarked “Oh no, she is here!” :-)


There began months of pain.

For when I returned home from work, and my wife was back from the seminar, she used me for her practice dummy, again and again.


I can attest how painful each of those Chin Na techniques are on the receiving end. Fingers, Hands, Weists and on. All of them work.



So in addition to his own schools, he continued his outside sharing program, more detained analysis of Chin Na as well as other books.


Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
The interesting thing is that in addition to his many books he shared his arts on video, many of there are available on You Tube.
Here are several suggestions.
Shaolin Chin Na
          An early example of how he structures Chin Na instruction
Tai Chi Chin Na


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