Monday, July 20, 2015

Gamaku and Nuhchn

More related Okinawan terms


Gamaku the side / front of the waist

 Gamakuis the side and front sections of the waist.

Gamaku muscles are important when doing Okinawan martial arts and classical dance.

To protect yourself keep your fists in front of Gamaku.

Extensive training in Gamaku is found in groups like Kashiba Juku

 I was told by Ernest Rothrock that the chambered fists in the Chinese Arts was to protect those areas at the side of the body. This neatly ties to this topic.


Shimabuku Shinso and Charles Murray

Yet another work is Nuhchn, Peirce, go through.


In English, a punch is made with the closed fist.

In Japanese, “tsuki” is forward thrusting or stabbing movement.

In Uchinaaguchi, “nunchun” means piercing or hitting through the target.


This helps make the training Charles Murray from Shimabuku Shinso  on the spear hand striking more understandable. Here is the story behind that training.




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