Thursday, July 9, 2015

Itoman on Toudi fist types

This morning I was reading from the Itoman Seijin (Morinobu’s) book Toudi-jutsu no Kenkyu translated by


In particular I was again struck at the differences between the older Toudi technique selection compared against what we use in today’s Karate.

Several of the fist selections mentioned are seldom discussed. In particular the, Index Finger Fist, the Middle Point Fist and the Two-point Fists

I don’t  suggest they are forgotten but seldom discussed openly. Perhaps remaining on the back burner.


The Index Finger Fist if I recall correctly was Motobu’s favorite strike on the Makiwara. I believe it was the technique which he used to end his famous fight against the foreign boxer. This fist can be used in a number of different ways, such as inward or descending. Targets such as the neck or the top of the chest or armpit.  (reference Tomari Rohai kata)


The Middle Point Fist is a similar technique, perhaps even more stable. I suspect it was favored for striking into the body mass.


Less discussed is the Two Point Fist. I see where it could be used effectively. The striking of two different nearby points would cause great pain especially when striking both at the same time.


We should consider their return to our training.


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Unknown said...

One of my favorite self defense techniques I learned from my teacher was two use the two point fist in a vertical downards arc, palm facing the ground, strike across the nose and mouth. You can bring them down on the neck and collarbone effectively too. Great for self defense and for targeting soft spots this way. It's best to use this as a finishing move after you pulled the opponent off balance or exposed vital spots for a downward blow.