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Initial Notes

Back in 1980 I began taking notes of training I was getting from many people. In time that expanded my understanding of what I was seeing and my studies became more intensive.  Here are those initial notes.



This set of drills is more difficult than they look, because when learning them both hemispheres of the brain are involved, making it easy to get mixed up. However when acclimated to them, speed improves. They also have interesting applications.


1.     Left Foot  Forward  Left Low Block

          Right Punch

          Left Low Block


2.     Left Foot Forward Left Outside Block

Right Punch

Left Outside Block


3.     Left Foot Forward Left High Block

Right Punch

Left High Block


4.     Left Foot forward Left High Block

Left Inside Block

Right Low Block


5.     Left Foot Forward Right High Punch

Left Middle Punch

Right Low Punch


6.      # 5  and # 6 together


LFF L. High Block

L Inside Block

L Low Block

R High Punch

L Middle Punch

R Low Punch


7.     Left Foot  Forward Left Rising Empi

L Descending Empi

Shift to Left (Or Cat) Stance

Left Rear Empi


8 .Right Foot Forward Right Inside Shuto To Neck

     Right Outside Shoto To Neck

     Right Ridge Hand to Neck

     Right Hand Circles Back and then Spear Hank to Neck



On Sutrino Bunkai for Hangetsu (the Shotokan version of Seisan kata)


1.     Left side block, Right Punch to


Left SideBlock – Left Rising Forearm (Wrist) Strike

Right Punch – Right Backfist strike to the chest.


2.     Double Open Hand Block  to

Left Bent Wrist, Right Shuto into


Left Bent Wrist, Right Shuto then

 Then right best wrist Left Shuto

(Doubling the Technique)



Against High, Middle, or Low strikes

          Use a circular left open hand block that turns in a wrist throw (also while turning away.) the attacker can be controlled the same way if not fast enough.

The left open hand closes on their fist, grabbing the palm pad of the and(or the thumb) and then rotates their wrist counter clockwise.


A Strike (Punch) turns into a Shuto immediately (either left or right)

A roundhouse kick (circular) to deflect a leg grab.


Application for the opening of Heian Ni Dan (Pinan Sho Dan)

1.     Double  block to punch to the head.

a.     Left hand deflect

b.    Right  Hand grab

c.      Left reverse face deflect


2.     Double (cross) to break the arm punching




Double Shuto’s


1.     Left is deflecting the shuto of the attacker.

2.     Right Shuto to strike knec,

3.     Then Right strikes to knee – Wheel Throw


1.     Left back zenkateu dachi, left hand block

2.     Shift left from zenkatsu dachi,

3.     Right hand shuto to neck (circular outside throw)


Left low block, Right reverse Punch- Right High Block – Right Hgh Block,

Left lunge punch (practice combination)
That which cannot be named

First Capture Escapes


1.     Sword on shoulder

a.     Right foot back (drop down) between the attackers legs, left leg siczzors

b.     Right foot back (drop down) between the attackers legs, right foot out, roll to left left toot in front, right leg over, scizzors

2.     Sword Straight at back

a.     Drop to tight side on left of body, left leg in front of attacker

b.     Right let in back and scizzor down, and bring the attacker’s feet up to hold.

3.     Sword back of head

a.     Pivot  180 degrees right, bight hand on attackers arm

                                                             i.      Left hand to their shoulder. Left foot sweeps down and control.                     

                b . Pivot 180 degrees right with a left high block

                          ii . Right hand over the attacker elhow and use aikido # 10   



Against Overhead attack


1.     Shift left (allowing the strike to miss)

The left hand snakes over and wraps around the neck, circle and rotating the head counter-clockwise.

Then switch the hand position over, allowing you to rotate the attacker’s arm away from the attacker’s body, the right hand switches to the elbow for the takedown


Stone Techniques


1.     Crouch on the right knee, legs up- and shift left

a.     Left hand circles the attackers head and grabs the jaw to rotate the head counter-clockwise.

b.     Then the right hand jams to the throat as a sword

2.     Double crouch

a.      Right foot forward (deep)

b.     Left hand to throat,

c.      Right hand to the attackers knee.  Dump, and choke with a press.



Two Person Tree Technique


1.     Both grab the attackers arm (the lead hand late sides down to grab the wrist)

2.     With the left grab the shoulder

3.     1 defender grabs the shoulders and the oter grabs the neck

4.     Both do a back sweep down with a wrist press control and/or  with a choke to mask the face.

Moving Techniques


1.     Right empi, right outside grab, right spearhand to throat.

2.     Right empi, right outside hammerfist, ritht hand outside grab and twist neck.

3.     Right rising empi, Right augmented empi (to side) left foot step behind (takedown)

4.     Right Hi Block, right side empi, left foot step behind.

5.     Right outside block, right hammerfist, right grab and twist

6.     Right outside block, right hammerfist, right grab and twist

7.     Right outside block, Right outside grab and right punch

8.     Right punch, Right backfist, and palm strike down, right wrist strikes, right snake strike

9.     Right inside block, right empi, left foot step behind

10.          Right bend wrist block, right low punch to throat, right grab and twist

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