Thursday, July 2, 2015

There and Back Again.

Proof of the holes in my head But I don't know the old guy (Grin)

In a very real sense the soap opera continues in my life.


I fell a few weeks ago, my physician just retired ( deservedly so) and I fell starting my PC. Nothing known broken. However I fell a few weeks before and must have hit my head causing a bleeed. But through the week I continued to fall and decided to use my neurologist visit upcoming to see what he recommended.

My wife notice my left side was weaker and finally did not feel my family could safely move me. So called for an ambulance. I was CAT scanned and it was seen that I had old blood on my brain.


They sent me to Boston for a neurosurgeon, as I required two holes drilled into my brain (*not fun)  to release the blood and pressure. Interesting. That almost immediately released the blood pressure and I started getting better. 


Of course you are mostly helpless. After a few days feeling better I was sent to rehab at the CMC in Manchester NH. And there I got superb treatment.

The treatment was intensive and good. It helped. I also supplemented it with Tai Chi and various karate drills while I was seated. Even doing some Tai Chi after 2 days. There is no question the Core training I had always done was assisting. Many of he drills were similar to some extent.


While my speech improved, my core problem stems from the Neuropathies I have endured for years. The Therapy did help, though II still am hard to understand, my wife can understand me better some times.I shared that I had been writing as a hobby for years. Sharing the Ung poetry which I wrote for the fan fiction work in “New Blood”. It fit my needs so I tried to recite what I wrote during training.

I have used my modified Tai Chi (Yang Style),Sanchin kata,, Seiuchin Kata, Eagle Claw Chi Kung drills, Jing Do training, Indoneasian Arm Breaking techniques with speed seated, Multiple Striking  movements As well as other movements. Never give up.


Of course I am weak and a bit unstable, but I am about 80% of where I was.

Never stop.

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Charles Murray said...

Thanks Vic for keeping us up to date on what's going on with you. Love you Brother. -- Charlie