Monday, July 6, 2015

I am yet a martial artist.

Hokama Hokama Tetsuhiro wrote on the Tetsuhiro wrote on the “Eight Important Precepts of Quanfa (from the Okinawan Bubishi)”1. ‘ The Way of Inhaling and Exhaling is Hardness and Softness. In Quanfa (Kempo). Inhaling represents a soft pliable strength whereas Exhaling represents a hard strength. The harmonization of the hard with the pliable is the essence of Karate, indeed all martial arts. Karate contains both Yin and Yang. Proper breathing methods help to achieve the desirable balance between hard and soft, promote a strong and healthy body, amd a fierce and martial spirit.
During my recent Hospitalization and Rehab stint I worked on my Tai Chi and various Karate and Aikido drills as I could. I am a martial artist. I am my art. We begin with vigorous training, Hard, Strong Fast. We hear our Arts encompass the Hard and Soft, but that means little. Think on the initial training. Hard. Move Faster, Strike swiftly.
In time we may learn various systems of Force Enhancers to improve our performance. They may or may not encompass the same ideas, but they are a means to get faster, strike harder.
Since the onset of my disabiling Neurothapies 4  years ago I have been exploring many if the softer uses of Isshinryu and my other arts.
For example what is the least amount of force to conclude an attack.
I should explain what I mean by softer arts. IMO there is no hard or soft, just names. A soft technique strikes just as deep as a hard one. In my Aikido studies of pre WWII Aikido while the movements are of flow and appear soft it is PAIN that makes them work, as well as skill. The Pain of perhaps the instant fear if the impending pain makes one flop or move with the movement. What appears soft is in fact very hard.
In my 35 years of work on Tai Chi the flow and combined breahting make the flow appear effortless when the opponent is unbalanced
Of course that is also good Karate.
I worked up a version of Seisan kata using wooden dowels in my hands to add shock replacing the sting I no longer had. Akin to the Techu/. The technique modified to use the short cutting edges for effect.
I spent a great deal of research into the Kamae of SunNuSu kata. Especially on how the simple act of rising is a deflection on it’s own.
One of the close body variations of the Mawashi Uke found in Sanchin Kata yet works well.An Indonesian variation on the theme, which is used to break arms. Truly the Tora Guchi or Tiger’s Mouth.
My frailty is a reality. But my art or it’s study in not ending.
I am a martial artist. I play by my own rules and I can bite.

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