Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A true lesson

This brings to mind a story. At one time, of course long ago, I too felt grab defenses were not too serious for attacks. One day I was working with one of my women students and I said something to that effect to her, then she spoke her piece to me.

“Victor, what do you think I, a woman, have to deal with, Me grabbing me, my arms and my body. Where it is likely something you don’t have to deal with frequently, it is the reality of my life.”

I learned a lot from her discussion with me. Everyone is not larger, many are the smaller in a confrontation. Younger or older as the case may be. Then others are more likely to commence with a grab to immobilize them. Likewise in some parts of the world, that is how attacks commence.

So I realized it is not so much what I need. Rather it is what the student needs. And everyone needs proficiency in their grab defense practice.

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