Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Nothing does change, we recognize it is the last day of the year, and the first day of the next. A point in time. We remain.
I haven celebrated the New Year for many years, the last I can recollect was when the kids were young and then with Weird Al’s special. The kids liked him, So did I.
But it has been a tradition for me to document where I am as of this day.
I am yet disabled, almost the same as last year. I have my eating under control, along with my walking, and tests do show my Diabetes II is gone, so no more medication for that,  That is positive. But the rest the lack of balance. the facial muscle control affecting my speech remains, the overall weakness. etc. are there too.
Earlier in the year I started falling, I had a subdural hoemotomia on my brain. So brain surgery, draining the blood and almost instantly I was better. Then rehab and before long I was back to where I was before it occurred. No complaints.
The karate program continues. Mike Cassidy along with the assistance of Young Lee are doing a great job with the kids program. Devin Van Curren has been a big help to me, and I continue to assist as I can.
After 20 years, Devin Van Curren finished her training to Sho Dan, and now the more complex training begins. She began when she was 8 took off for High School and University, Worked summers leaving little time to train, but she kept at it and had a very credible test.
The adult program has been quite interesting. Ending the year reviewing our Aikido drills. Then the mixture of kata, kobudo and application studies continued.
I have been placing a lot of information on this blog. Trying to share as much with my students as possible. Much of it is not in our classes, but comes from my own martial studies. This allows them to share in the material if there is a future interest.
A personal observation, there is far less quality discussion about the arts than in the past. Where groups like YahooGroups did spawn discussion. People seem less likely to discuss what they do. Yes places like Facebook and YouTube, allow sharing of material unlike anything in the past. I believe it makes things more difficult in the future to be able to learn how to discern what is being shown. YouTube as interesting as it can be, does not confir the ability to see everything. Even the strongest performance does not show the thousands of steps to get there, no suggest what steps come next. IMO Progress and potential are open-ended.
I continue to read, and watch too many movies. I am not sure the current blockbusters with greater and greater evils make for good movies.
I continue my hobby of writing in the Destroyer Universe. I have written reviews of maybe 45 of the books (at this time there are 151 and more coming) I have also written a few short stories. Breaking new ground by incorporating photos in the later part of the year. As yet, no new books planned, but who knows.
I do not walk every day, weather interferes. But as often as I can, 4 or 5 times a week, When I walk it is for 1 – 3 miles. I maintain regular photos of my walks. I am convinced this is what helped me most with my diabetes.
I also practice some of my Yang Tai Chi daily. I am lessened in what I can do. But I am also learning more about the Tai Chi, in the regular practice.  Along side I continue my kata practice, at least 1 – 3 kata a day. Often Sanchin, Seisan, Nihanchi or Wansu. Less frequently Chinto and Kusanku which are much more difficult. Separate is SunSu which is also a frequent practice. I am much slower and also weaker.\
Of my other kata traditions. Ueichi Sanchin, Tomari Rohai, Saifa, Tensho and Nijushiho, are studied.
I am continually trying to see new applications. That is the opening step for sure.  But one does what one can.
That is the high points. Not terribly different from last year, I am hopeful we will find more success in 2016.



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