Saturday, December 26, 2015

RH Gutierrez , Md between Medical knowledge and karate

RH Gutierrez , Md

For 17 years our program was most fortunate to have Paul Harper Md FACS training with us. As a Surgeon he made many contributions to our studies together. But in time he had to follow his own path.
His many contributions are still with us.
I recently discovered yet another Doctor who is sharing his medical knowledge helping us understand more about karate and modern medical knowledge.
I offer the following vides RH Gutierrez has made, as worthy studies. We all might gain more from watching them.

Strike to the head jerking the neck

The spine and abnormal curvature

Anatomy of the Skull and the fist

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RH said...

thank you for mentioning me. please feel free to use any and all information I have