Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thoughts on Sai


In 1978 I purchased my first sai at the old Asian World location in North Philadelphia. They were American made Steel Sai. Not perfectly balanced.


Over the years they have proved to be indestructible. And I trained and sweated so long with them they have become perfectly balanced in my hands. When I pick them up (I admit hard to do these days with my disability) they are perfectly balanced to me.


The years of training to make them perfect to me, worth the effort. What I discovered is the real value to sai training is the force enhancement they develop for my  empty hand technique. That and the decades of work behind my being crafted.


Personally I don’t want them to be perfectly balanced. If others pick them up I am happy they are less than perfect in their hands. I guess that is selfish of me, so be it.

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