Saturday, December 5, 2015

Locking the motion chain of the body

Locking the motion chain of the body

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I'd like to share another little episode from "older Karate", which is often found in the details, which in turn get lost or overlooked easily when using low quality pics from the net. This tidbit is from Funakoshi's original set of Nage-waza, found in his 1925 edition (which is where I took the scan from, yeah).

So here you see the idea of 'locking the motion chain of the body'. It is not an Okinawan idea. In fact it is found anywhere in Western "wrestling" since the first written sources from the 11th century onwards to Chinese Qinna techniques, where (in certain schools) it constitutes one basic principle.

The "dragon toe" may be found in other Kata, think about it. For example, in Seeinchin, or Seisan.

Hope you like the pic.

And always keep your guard up high: we don't live in the land of people who keep their arms at the body and hands low most of the time (that would be Japan, including Okinawa). Quite on the contrary

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