Thursday, December 17, 2015

An instructor

What makes a good instructor?


It is a question of vision.


The way is not to see the student where they are today, but to see where they will be in 10 years and prepare them for that time.


As instructors you can share a great deal with the student. But you cannot make the choice to have them stay with the training. That is theirs alone. But you must approach each student every time as if they will be training 10 years hence and make sure they are preparing properly for that day.


That is why we first require a potential instructor to have been training at least 15 continuous years to be mature in their understanding of our art. Then an apprenticeship for 5 years to learn how to understand each students needs. To have the same base knowledge as our other instructors and gain skill at making choices how to express themselves using it in their instruction.


As time passes each instructor makes their mark on the art, but within the same body of material, at the same time.


Success is seen when you have students choosing to study and work for 30 or more years.

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