Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Isshinryu Combinations of Tom Lewis

When I began, there were the basics I was shown how to do my first night by several green belts. They are the same ones Charles Murray studied when he started.


Although I became gradually aware from several books, that they were not the same as others were doing, I had no interest in reinventing the wheel and kept to them.


Even when I trained at clinics in the 90s under Harrill Sensei, they were not a topic that was covered, accept on time in 2004. And then I was focusing on the applications he showed.


As I didn’t train with others in Isshinryu only when I joined the internet in the late 1980s did I discover there was much variance in what others were doing.

Original Upper Body Combinations


1.    RFF Right Punch

2.    RFF Right Uppercut

3.    LFF Right Punch

4.    LFF Right Uppercut

5.    RFB Left Low Block, Right Punch

6.    RFB Left Side Block, Right Punch

7.    RFB Left Arm Block, Right Spear

8.    RFB Left High Block, Right Punch

9.    RFB Left Open Hand Block, Right Uppercut

10.                       RFB Left Bridge Strike (Nose), Right Punch

11.                       LFF Left Low Block 5 Punches

12.                       LFF Left Side Block 5 Punches

13.                       LFF Right Roundhouse Punch, Left (Same)

14.                       LFF Left Open Low Block, Right Shuto

  1. Break Bear Hug

Original Lower Body Combinations


1.    Front Snap Kick

2.    Knee Strike (45degrees)

3.    Front Kick (Side)

4.    Cross Kick

5.    Side Snap Kick

6.    Heel Strike (Knee)

7.    Knee Strike

8.    Rear Kick

9.    Side Kick (45 degrees rear)

10.                       Squat Kick

11.                       Side Kick (on  Floor)

12.                       Front Thrust (from floor)

13.                       Double Jump Kick

14.                       Roundhouse Kick

15.                       Side Kick (Rear 45 degrees), Rear Kick



These are still the combinations I use. All sets.


Still, we should try and look at what the past was.  Recently I discovered Tokumura Kensho  doing the Isshin-ryu Basics. Tokumura is an original student of Shimabuku Tatsuo, and while he move on to other systems of study. Here he reconstructs how he trained long ago.


Yet other answers are shown by Uzeu Angi

Angi Upper Body


Angi Upper/Lower body 


Another answer comes from Goju instructor Hiagonna Morio.  This covers most of our basic kicks, and also some advanced foot maneuvers. I think this is very good



Hiagonna Keri


    With a partner

The kicks 


For myself I focus more on the kata, where the basics must be done correctly. But each instructor will follow their own lead.

Thanks to those who have shared these videos.

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